Yup....TONY PLUSH - He's coming to MANFEST 2011!





Nyjer will be raising money for a cause that means a lot to him called the OPTIONS FOR LIFE FOUNDATION.


Nyjer has developed a close relationship with film executive Richie Fay. His daughter Kristen Fay Wilson lost her battle with cancer in April of this year. Before she passed, she started the charity to help those in need of alternative treatment to compliment traditional treatment. Mission: The mission of The Options For Life Foundation (OFLF) is to provide resources for alternative and complementary medicine to those facing life threatening disease. The mission is to make it possible for those in need of treatment to have "options" to choose from providing true freedom in health care

The T-Plush shirts will be available in his booth at Manfest! $20 for just the shirt or $40 for the shirt and autograph.  Nyjer will also sign items you bring for $25 with proceeds going to the Options For Life Foundation.


Whether you know him as Tony Plush, Tony Hush or even Tony Gumbo, Nyjer Morgan’s style of play both on and off the field has made a profound impact on Major League Baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers and thousands of fans across the country. Nyjer Jamid Morgan is a professional baseball player who early on developed a passion for ice hockey.


As a teenager, growing up in Northern California, his talents on the ice eventually took him to Canada and the Major Junior level with the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League. Following that season, Morgan turned his focus exclusively to baseball. He overcame long-shot odds to make it to professional baseball and was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 2002 Major League Baseball Draft.

On September 1, 2007, he made his major league debut as a late-season call-up. In June 2009, Morgan was traded to the Washington Nationals and eventually moved on to his current team, the Brewers in March 2011. Since coming to Milwaukee, he has amassed a huge fan following and has played a pivotal role in the team’s success. With his recent cover of Sports Illustrated and the impact of the Internet and social media (45,000 followers on Twitter and growing), Nyjer is on his way to becoming a household name.


All the attention has not become a distraction. “ I can’t allow it to interfere with my game,” the man with numerous alter egos states. “After all, I will be letting a lot of people down, if you know what I mean.” Morgan who will frequently do post-game interviews as Tony Plush, which he states is his "name on the field,” lives by the principles of “Plushdamentals,” – the art of laying down a bunt, throwing to the right base and playing the game in a fundamentally sound manner with just the right amount of panache. Not only has the team hosted a Tony Plush Towel night, his jerseys and t-shirts are the hottest selling items at the ballpark. For Nyjer Morgan, batting over .300 doesn’t hurt either!